Kolomna Child Social and Rehabilitation Center:

«DMD-Cargo» is a continual sponsor of Child Social and Rehabilitation Center affiliated with Church of the Holy Trinity in the city of Kolomna (Schurovo) from the moment of its establishment in 2008.

In 2008 in affiliation with affiliated with Church of the Holy Trinity in the city of Kolomna (Schurovo) Child Social and Rehabilitation Center for children left by parents was established.

Today the orphanage hosts 17 children in the ages of 5 to 16 years. While each child has a distinct history, they are similar in that they have been, for one reason or another, deprived from parents’ care and upbringing.

The major aim of the orphanage is to assist children in overcoming all the troubles and problems they face at their tender age to become a mature, educated and integral personality. The orphanage seeks to give the alumni the love and care they have bereft of and that is so craved for by every child. The Center supports the environment of a united big family, its mentors strive to replace in the children the feeling of community and pertinence, develop spiritual and ethical qualities, and prepare the children comprehensively for the independent adult life.

The elders attend Christian Orthodox Preparatory School associated with the Church; the younger children are educated by counselors. The children play with toys and outside, study and attend various activity clubs. They participate in pilgrimage tours and excursions. Younger alumni attend the Church cervices twice a week, partake of the Holy Christ’s Sacraments and attend Sunday school. Every week the children are visited by priests and tell Biblical stories during theme talks.

The orphanage is a non-state institution and subsists solely on charitable donations of organizations and persons.

We believe that every child on the planet must have home and family even it happened so that this family is not blood-related. In our rampant millennium when the world moves ever so fast, we must not forget what we live for, what we strive for, and where we are going.

Our children are the ultimate importance and it is up to us to extend help to the children that find themselves challenged by their life! With all our heart we wish the Prior of Church of the Holy Trinity in the city of Kolomna father Vadim and to all the team of the Child Center success, we, on our part, will continue to help as much as possible to your orphanage.