Our Company strives to work with each of our Clients in a personalized manner, which is why pricing of warehousing services is based on detailed studies of trade flow volume and the services required by the Customer.
     To give us the opportunity to calculate the cost of services we would like to ask you to fill in the Questionnaire for warehousing services and send it to us.

  1. Download the Questionnaire.
  2. Fill it in as completely as possible. (PLEASE, do NOT edit the table part of the Questionnaire!)
  3. Send us the Questionnaire. You can do so in either of the two easy ways:
    1. Send the Questionnaire through our website. To do so please select the file, upload it and click on the “Send” button, or
    2. Send the Questionnaire to the e-mail:

Download the Customer Questionnaire

After our specialist receive the Questionnaire they will contact you promptly and provide information on prices and services our Company will be glad to provide.

You can also obtain comprehensive answers to your inquiries on the availability of warehousing facilities and on any other issue by calling us on one of these numbers:

8 (495) 645-91-78
8 (495) 645-91-79