Many of the foreign trade operators eventually face the need to certify their gods. The procedure is required for importing of products to the Russian Federation and for customs clearance of goods. Some enterprises prefer dealing with this duty on their own, hoping to save money. In practice, it comes out far otherwise. The costs only grow bigger and delivery time may be extended due to untimely certification.

We will help you to prepare all necessary certificates in advance, in full compliance with the acting customs regulations and will save time and funds.

Certification of imported goods is aimed to confirm their quality level and compliance to standards, regulations, GOST Standards adopted in the Russian Federation.

Legislation of the Russian Federation provides for 2 types of certification:

  • Voluntary certification;
  • Mandatory certification;

Voluntary certification is an official y established system applied to the goods, services and equipment that do not require mandatory certification of quality. The system of mandatory certification is regulated by the legislation together with other acting systems. This type of compliance assessment is usually performed voluntarily by the producer or the seller of the products or at the request of the customer. For example, large dealers require documental confirmation of product quality when purchasing them, even if the product’s safety assessment is not obligatory. One cannot fail to notice that the consumer takes notice of the availability of certification for the purchased product. If a service or a product does not require an expert study, it is not a subject to special requirements and the product’s quality is assessed for compliance with the safety requirements stated by the producer or supplier.

Mandatory certification is a system of certification of products that are subject to safety assessment in line with technical regulation legislation. Thus, mandatory product certification is performed to confirm quality and safety of both imported and domestic products, whereupon the final document – a mandatory certificate of conformity, is issued. In this case, there exists an extensive list of products requiring mandatory certification. These products may not be used if not accompanied by relevant documents.

Our Company offers a wide range of services including not only cargo transportation and their secure storage, but also certification of goods of any commodity group.

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