The companies doing business related to transportation of various types of goods must clearly understand that there are certain risks of complete or partial loss of cargo. The causes of damage or loss of cargo may vary widely from ordinary theft to severe weather or destabilization of a transit country. It is not a secret that such circumstances may have a general negative impact on the development of a company, or even pose a threat to its very existence. This is especially true for multimodal transportation of fragile or high-tech goods, since the cargo depending on the complexity and length of a route is delivered by different means of transportation, which means there could be a risk of damage during handling. In such a case, it is advisable to make sure that your cargo is fully insured against such situations.

We work directly with reliable insurance companies and offer cargo insurance services. Our specialists in cooperation with insurers will arrange the most suitable and advantageous terms, select the optimal kind of insurance depending on the degree and kind of risk and coordinate all necessary details with the insurance company.

Each of our Customers may select the solution that would be optimal for the business and provide complete protection of the cargo.

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