Consignment storage

Consignment storage services have been rendered by our company since 2008. During this time we have gained the vast experience in organization of custody for different commodity groups, which is effectively used in practice. At our warehouses we use storage rack system and address storage system controlled by the modern WMS system.

What exactly is consignment storage?

Consignment storage – is a logistics service on storage and processing of goods under full responsibility for their safety.

Warehouse storage of goods implies the whole range of measures, such as:

  • arrangement of goods according to the areas of floor, rack, box, and the fine-meshed storage;
  • compliance with the cargo merges and compatibility regulations;
  • arrangement according to АВС and XYZ classifications;
  • optimization of storage areas;
  • cargo ordering planning according to the relevant regulations and strategies;
  • optimization of picking area and its inspection order, etc….

Stock count of warehouse goods using different approaches of FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO, batch count, batch number count, etc, must be of particular note. At first sight it can all seem to be a rather simple task, and a lot of companies often try solving it on their own.

Safe custody or own warehouse?

Signing a contract with a consignment storage warehouse, you get a ready warehouse supplied with all the needed equipment for rendering quality services, ready to accept and process your cargo sent next day, and carry full financial responsibility for it. You will pay only for the storage areas you need at the moment.

Buying or renting a storage area the company assumes an entire range of tasks to be solved and constantly monitored:

  • Financing the construction or renting a warehouse, signing of different service contracts, paying utility bills;
  • Equipping of a warehouse with racks, appliances, software, access accounting and video surveillance systems;
  • Establishment of security service;
  • Building of office infrastructure, including HR issues;
  • Training and certification of warehouse personnel at all stages;
  • Building, equipment and approach road maintenance, etc;

In other words, the company begins to deal with non-core business, which takes a lot of time and efforts and is a digression from the core one.

We offer our clients not to waste their time and efforts on organization of the warehouse logistics, but to give it into our capable hands.

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