Warehousing services provided by our Company mean high quality and reliability brought to your business. Our specialists are prepared to solve sophisticated logistic problems effectively and promptly by arranging warehousing business processes individually for every Customer thus enabling you to shorten time of cargo handling. We offer all of our Customers the most advantageous terms of cooperation.

With our assistance, you will be able to develop a successful and thriving business.

We offer the following warehousing services:

  • Mechanized and manual cargo handling;
  • Cross docking;
  • Acceptance and count of boxed cargos;
  • Defective cargo detection;
  • Product repacking;
  • Pallet arrangement;
  • Wrapping in stretch film;
  • Batch count;
  • Serial number accounting;
  • FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LEFO stock keeping;
  • Pallet-wise, box-wise and item-wise order consolidation;
  • Pallet lending;
  • Set arrangement;
  • Sticker labeling;
  • Goods packing;
  • Co-packing;
  • Issue of support documents;
  • Inventorying (spot, running, complete);
  • Reporting;
  • Scrap disposal;

This is far for the complete list of services provided at our warehouses. Please inquire our specialist about the services that you require.

The Warehousing Center also leases office facilities located in the Administration Section and featuring telephone and Internet connections, a\s well as passenger car parking area. The territory and the building of the Warehouse are guarded and are monitored by video surveillance system 24 hours a day.

We are glad to offer you high quality warehousing services and we hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

E-mail: sklad@dmd-cargo.com
Tel: 8 (495) 645-91-78(79)

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